Pink Photo Post


Here is my first Booby Sock in Socks That Rock Hot Flash.  It amused the lunch crowd. I realized when I went to graft the toe, that I had not done the star toe. Oh well. A closeup of the patterns are in a recent post. I cast on immediately for the second one, but then I was distracted by
Cotton Chenille winding.  I could have sworn I had more skeins of that,
but could only find one.Well, the Yoplait lid collection on my desk was the right color. The bear is named Cure, and is my second Beanie Baby ever, and came from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Web site.

I had been hearing about a LYS in Jacksonville, AL. Can you believe that? It is called the Taming of the Ewe. I went there at lunch, and it was wonderful. They have "real" yarn and addi Turbos and snacks and spinning wheels. I bought sock yarn and a magazine.


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