Delta Sky at Sunset

Saturday Sky, Tunica, MS from my tiny hotel balcony. Yes, I am aware it is Tuesday.  Just got around to the photos.  It was nice to have sliding glass doors and a screen, even though the balcony was not really big enough to go out onto. Well, the sky was a clear blue, until close to sunset when I remembered to take a photo. I was reading a book, not knitting. My arm was sore from a flu shot.

I made a hat for my sister out of Knitpicks Shine turquoise and got it into the mail. I was so tired when I posted that I forgot about the pattern. It is the Eyelet Roll Brim Hat from the Chemocaps site. It is also in the book  Knitting for Peace.Still haven’t gotten to the new pink Cotton Chenille yet. Last I heard, she still had hair.


I joined yet another Knitalong, Norovember. Lookie, it’s 12 skeins of Silk Garden in color 87 that someone destashed. Wal-Mart bags kinda make nice white diffusers. I have a feeling these colors are similar to my Iro and Kureyon, though. At least I have plans for them. For my next trick, entrelac.

In other news, despite my not remembering most of the time to put the Christmas cactus in darkness, it actually has a couple of tiny buds. Maybe it will bloom before Valentine’s Day.


5 thoughts on “Delta Sky at Sunset

  1. Hi Paula, great site, I don’t knit, but am a beginning weaver, now that my garden has been put to bed, I will get back to that. I love the creative way you display your work in the photos.

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