FOs and packages

Well, the last few days I have been thinking a lot about the hotel reservation I cancelled in Asheville, NC. I had planned to go to SAFF, and all the Rhinebeck photos make me think about it. Oh well, maybe next year.

Anyway, after several days of no knitting, I have finished the STR Hot Flash Booby socks. Better photo later-I just wanted to show them off. Please ignore messy coffee table. While I was off not knitting, DH and I won 25,000 pennies playing the Wheel of Fortine Super Spin. "C’mon, big money!" We quit immediately after Vanna congratulated us on a great spin. That is a giant video slot machine that allows nine people to play at once, and has double seats. We couldn’t get near it in Vegas.

And, ta-da! I got a box from my Secret Pal 9. The black yarn is handspun, with silk noil colorful flecks in it. Nobody has made yarn for me before! There were a few more Kit-Kats earlier. There is a cute dishtowel and oven mitt with a fall bear scene, and purple cotton yarn-is there a conspiracy in blogland for me to make warshrags or dishcloths? A candle that combines two of my favorite scents, lavender and vanilla, and hot cocoa mix. Also, a fake spiderweb that I am considering stringing in a co-worker’s office because she gives me a hard time… hmmm. Although both she and DH share a love of  the Grateful Dead, she is his favorite target because she is a vegan with a pet squirrel. He is a meat-eating Republican. They are both Libertarians, go figure.


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