I have worked on cables today and yesterday since I finished the socks. Irish Hiking scarf, Twist and Cozy in Cables.

I had an e-mail conversation with Laura of Sugar Bunny Boulevard, about a plant in a photo on her blog she wanted to identify. My mother always called it gallberry, said it was poisonous and you could make ink from the berries. This is the woman who smoked rabbit tobacco (Wikipedia is sorely lacking in this subject) as a child, but that is another story.  Apparently it is pokeberry, or pokeweed or what got this annoying song in my head–Poke Sallet (salad) Anyone else remember “Poke Salad Annie?” (as DH says, “Gator got your granny. Chomp.”) XM played this as we crossed the state line from Mississippi to Lousiana last summer. We like to died laughing, as they say in South GA.

I found a Wikipedia entry on pokeweed. Anyway, it seems that Google searches often lead me to Wikipedia–don’t tell the students in the library–look what I found in Wikipedia. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a Wikipedia entry!

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4 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. wow. how cool that SPM has a wikipeida entry. but we all could have one, though not list so many accomplishments. so let us know when yours appear!

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