Entrelac is Evil

That is what DH and I say about addicting things, like my eating a whole bag of French Twists pastries, which are 1 Weight Watchers point if you eat one, but I digress. The back of my entrelac vest in Kureyon is much more interesting than the plain stockinette back of my other sweater, so much so that I had to leave the vest at home in order to get any work done on Twist on my supper break tonight. I keep wanting to see what color is coming up next. I have 10 skeins of color 92, but it looks as if I could use the three skeins of 178 if I run out. I tend to use more Kureyon than I think I will. In the spirit of Norovember, I will confess that I also a couple skeins each of Kureyon 40 and 95, as well as 3 skeins of Silk Garden in 84, and 12 in a color that escapes me now. Lastly, I have three hanks of Iro, which was supposed to be used before the other Noro. Oh well, I did force myself to finish the CIC purple sweater before starting the entrelac adventure. There was a bag of Kureyon sitting next to me on the sofa, however. I had to take a size 7 addi circ from Twist to work on the vest. I am missing a size 7, 24″ circ. Twist is now on a 32″. I have many lengths of 7s, for some reason.

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3 thoughts on “Entrelac is Evil

  1. I haven’t tried entrelac yet myself, but it sure looks addicting. We use the “evil” term too when talking about addicting things.
    I have a bunch of Noro Kabuto in my stash in two colorways. They are basically tweedy solids. I have had them for years, but still haven’t figured out the right pattern for them.

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