The Vet Visit

The puppies had to have shots this morning, so DH loads them in my lap and we go off early, to make sure we are the first ones there. The pups were shaking when we first got in the truck, then they relaxed. They started shaking again when we arrived at the vet’s office. We calmed them down, then let them out to run around, as no one was at the office yet. They ran around the yard, and greeted another man who arrived with his dog, and greeted the clinic receptionist. They sniffed around the front door, and Honey stood on her hind legs and whined to be let in. We figured maybe she saw the office cat, but we were laughing too hard to go see. The pups took me on a tour of the office, and the operating room, and tried to weigh themselves on the scale. When we were leaving, DH was holding Sis at the counter, and the cat, purring, rubbed her face on Sis’s head. Sis screwed up her face and furrowed her brow. DH said she was thinking, “Yuck.” No, before anyone asks, I did not take the camera.


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