Saturday Sky and Mitts

The sunflower heads of summer are faded and dry, but still make interesting photo subjects.

And finally, I felt up to the task of  weaving in ALL those ends inside the Advika Mitts, from Mission Falls. I also had to relearn embroidery stitches I had long forgotten. DH just does not understand why I don’t like French knots. I have to admit the French knots make the design. I still have not decided whether or not to crochet the frilled edging. What do y’all think?  The puppies ravaged through a spot in the garden I tried for photographing mittens, and even chewed on my punkins, and my knee, where I had a sharp cocklebur.. Also, the Kodak Easyshare camera recovered after I dropped it on the ground, apparently. I told DH I had been suffering for my art. Click image for larger.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Sky and Mitts

  1. The sky is such a gorgeous blue and, you’re right, the sunflowers are still interesting subjects. Your mittens rock!! I vote for the edging. Great job!!

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