Baby, It’s Cold Outside

No, that is not just one of the titles on my new Dean Martin CD, Christmas with Dino. It was 24 degrees where my car was parked this morning. Heated leather seats are wonderful. I switched the odometer back to the outside temp, so I don’t have to look at the mileage. It was 17 when I arrived at work. (OK, all my Yankee readers, and the Canadian subset can stop laughing now.) This is momentous for Alabama. (It was 9 degrees once when I was in grad school.)

I finished Fetching last night, wove in all the ends even, then put them on to admire them. The second one has an extra cable repeat on the cuff! Think that is why I ran out of yarn. I put them away and worked on my veteran’s scarf. I couldn’t bear to take a photo.

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3 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. It was 16 when I came down to breakfast this morning. Much too cold, considering it was in the mid-40s yesterday and is supposed to be around 50 on Sunday! I do LOVE my heated car seats!

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