Back to Socks

No, I have not worked on socks for what seems like a long time. Yesterday my Opal Element sockies went to the place where I had FIVE vials of blood drawn for the Sister Study. It hurt far less than having my finger stuck at the doctors office. I think I got blood on Sockie. My blood pressure is much better if you don’t stick my finger, then take my bp while I am having an uncontrollable throat-tickle coughing jag complete with tearing in one eye. Anyway, I am just past the heel on the second sock. Here it is lounging in the pineapple plant, which is outside enjoying the 70-degree temps. So are emus, apparently. That was definitely NOT a turkey I spotted trotting along the shoulder of the highway last night. Since DH and SIL saw it, too, it does exist.



3 thoughts on “Back to Socks

  1. Okay, okay, it wasn’t a turkey! :o) I’ll admit, I looked up “emu” in the dictionary and since Webster listed the country of origin as Australia, I was a little doubtful. Do you think it could have been a mutant reindeer? LOL!

  2. Is there an emu farm in the area? There’s a couple farmers near here who are supposed to have ostriches. I’ve never actually seen them, but always fun to pass on rumors.

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