Fetching Again

Well, I had to try out my new Knitpicks Options needles. I got the size 6 out and a long cable, and cast on for my fourth Fetching mitt The cables are very soft purple ones, and are great for Magic Loop. I worked on it at the Honda dealer, but by the time I got enough knitted to be photographed, it was too dark and yucky for photos. I modeled the other Fetching for my Honda salesman. Santa Claus was wandering around the dealership. but he did not want to pay off my Accord, rats. Heck, I should have handed Santa the bill for changing my oil, rotating my tires and buffing out the worst of the scratches on my bumper. My car looks like a different color when it is clean. Too dark for photos of the car detailing, too. Then I went to Circuit City, where the parking lot was full. I actually had people help me in there. I got two Harrison Ford Tom Clancy movies for DH on sale, and my first mp3 player, a cute lil Creative Zen 1mg. I have been downloading a Lime & Violet podcast for what seems like hours on dialup. All I want for Christmas is DSL.


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