Another Sock Finished

I have finally finished my Yukon Leaves socks, which I started months ago. They are made from Urban Gypz hand-painted yarn, Autumn Leaf Study no. 507. The sock yarn is "One of a Kind Fiber Art by Stacey Budge." What is neat is that Stacey grew up in AL, about three hours from where I live. (Edited to add, that DH insists it is 1.5 hours to Huntsville.)  The yarn came to me via Washington State, in the Knit Sock Kit Swap. The yellow in the yarn made me think of ginkgo leaves in the fall. I will try for a better outside photo later. I am past the heel turn on the River Rapid sock.


4 thoughts on “Another Sock Finished

  1. You are really cranking out the socks girl! You probably needed to wear some of your wool socks yesterday and last night, didn’t you?! It was 26 degrees here!

  2. Yay you! Funny story – Stacey went to college with my ex-husband (Montevallo) and we lost touch after she moved to Asheville. My husband and I were watching football at a mutual friend’s house early this fall and I brought out my knitting. One of the guys there starts talking about his friend who knits, dyes and spins – lo and behold – it was Stacey! I got to see her at SAFF. She’s a sweetie, and your socks look great!

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