Sewing Day

The sky was so yucky and gray today,  that I tried to find interesting things to put in my Saturday sky photo. The girls were closer to me, until the dang puppies chased them away. Honey did stop momentarily and look at me to wonder why I was saying, "No, idiots, stop chasing the horses."

So I stayed inside and sewed on my Amy Butler Ultimate Arts and Craft Tote. There were an awful lot of pieces, to get ALL those pockets made. This is Michael Miller fabric, the cat print is Knit Wits, the red has knitting words, and the black is yarn.
Wanna talk about stash? I think I have WAY more sewing stuff than knitting… The Bernina demands expensive metal bobbins and imported needles. I broke three needles today.

I worked on the bag for a couple hours yesterday-it was mostly all cut out months ago- but I sewed from 9-3 today. Voila, it’s finished

Here’s what the inside lining  looks like. Like a giant sockie bag


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