Twist Again

I just wanted to show you a finished Twist outside with good lighting. See the cables on the collar? I want y’all to know it was in the 20s when I took this photo. I was wearing my Fetchings, but my fingertips "like to froze."  I have been able to wear my handknits lately. It… Continue reading Twist Again

Saturday Sky

Well, I went far afield (get it?) to get you this photo of the Saturday Sky over a field on our farm, a little ways down the road from the yard where I usually take the sky photos. The morning was clear and sunny, and the temp got near 60, then it clouded up and… Continue reading Saturday Sky


It’s Friday, and my hyacinth bulb is blooming. I was greeted by a sweet smell when I opened my office door this morning. The Christmas cactus has four buds. \ Also, I have gotten several inches done on the body of Cozy in Cables. I had to stop last night when I ran out of… Continue reading Blooms