Samus is done at last

Today, I grabbed Samus, and took it to my sewing machine and sewed the zipper in while I listened to Gerald Ford’s memorial service on NPR.  I bought some matching thread at Hancock–I already had the color,. but all Hancock’s notions were half price yesterday. I got lots of Celtic knot buttons, more blocking pins and fusible Velcro and all kinds of neat stuff. DH asked if the LYS was open. No, in fact I ran into the owner over the quilting pins in Hancock. I also destashed sock yarn yesterday.

I am almost to the toe on my River Rapid sock. Today I started Susan‘s Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl in Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool Quarters Sierra . So far, so good. I think this is the farthest that I have gotten on a shawl. I can actually follow the pattern


Here is the top of Samus with the ZIPPER! Separating zipper from


7 thoughts on “Samus is done at last

  1. Forest Canopy is a very easy to follow pattern, I think you’ll enjoy knitting it. Love the colour of Samus, looking forward to seeing the whole sweater!

  2. Susan writes great patterns. I am knitting one of her sock patterns. I also love the idea of a zipper. Looks like you’re well into 2007 with your projects.

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