Well, so far in 2007, I have finished one sock and sewed in a zipper. It is dreary and rainy outside. But in my office,  flowers are blooming. I have several bulbs for forcing. First, my little white Amaryllis, so much for ordering red ones.

The second "flower" is my Sundara Petals Collection sock yarn, in Lenten Rose. The color is hard to describe, kind of purply-gray, and pretty.. The yarn came with a lacy sock pattern and a pretty postcard, wrapped in the tissue paper shown. I had it sent to my work address, so I had to wait to get back there (click for larger).

The one finished River Rapid sock is lounging in the African violets.


3 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. Sundara DOES package beautifully, doesn’t she? I like the yarn for this one quite a bit, although I’m not crazy about the sock pattern–a little too lacy for my taste. But the yarn itself? So pretty!

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