Twist with Sleeves

Well, here is Twist with sleeves and front bands.  I did a pretty good job sewing the sleeves in, after I had to relearn the invisible stitch and remember how to get the sleeves in. There are a few more inches of collar left. However, I think the yarn relaxed when I blocked it. Does Mission Falls 1824 Wool draw up any when machine washed and dried? Do I leave the sleeves as is, or reknit the bottom of the sleeves? Since the rest fits so well, I am leaning toward reknitting.


6 thoughts on “Twist with Sleeves

  1. All I can offer is a lame “no clue.” I’ve only swatched with 1824 Wool but I did wash and dry it (it even had cables!). I don’t recall any big changes in the swatch – I distinctly remember not getting gauge though. 😦

  2. hello not-so-secret pal!
    I think that sweater looks lovely, I hope you can fix the sleeves to your liking so that you’ll get some good wear out of it.
    I skimmed your blog a bit – your dogs are adorable!

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