Technical Difficulties

Didja ever feel like you have outsmarted yourself? So I have dialup Internet access, and download podcasts at work, put them on my jump drive, bring it home and transfer them to my mp3 player. Ah ha! I thought (smack head with palm here) I will put the podcasts on the Palm’s storage card, as a typical Lime and Violet podcast is larger than my Tungsten’s RAM.  However, now I can’t figure out how to get them off my Palm onto the mp3 player. Wonder if I can put the Palm’s card in my USB card reader, and get it on my home computer, then the mp3 player. Hmmm… Meanwhile, thank goodness for Pocket Tunes. To make this even more knitting related, I went to Knit Night at the LYS tonight. I got several inches done on my Cozy in Cables sweater.


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