Oooh, sock yarn


This is Tofutsies sock yarn from Southwest Trading Co. It is a blend of cotton, wool, soysilk, and chitin. (The crab shell stuff, chitin, is pronounced Kite-in, I think. )  I got it from The Taming of the Ewe in Jacksonville, AL. I guess that is my Valentine cactus in the back. (Darlene, it is not me that is making you buy sock yarn, it is Lime and Violet. Just keep that in mind, hee hee.) I finished the DH Trekking socks last night, but I have to redo one of the toes, as the sock was a little too short.

Look, I have a new baby. My method of African Violet propagation is to stick a leaf in potting soil and to be greatly surprised when a plantlet sprout appears. So, this leaf of Ness’ Orange Pekoe has been sitting in soil for over a year. I had to have that one because of the name, as I am a tea drinker. The leaves have pink edges, and the flowers are kind of orange.


8 thoughts on “Oooh, sock yarn

  1. I got to fondle some of the new yarn the other day and it really felt nice. Certainly knits up well too. I wonder how it will wear. Congrats on the green thumb. I’m lucky if I can keep anything alive half the time!

  2. OOoh! Look at your christmas/Valentine’s cactus! It’s gorgeous! I love love those! 🙂 My friend had one and she had “heard” that she could plant it in a HUGE pot to make it grow into that size plant (it hates to be repotted. For years and years it was this puny plant swimming in a huge pot but it did eventually grow huge to fill that pot. It was gorgeous. (and she GOT RID OF IT! Even after I begged her for it, she threw it away. SOB)
    And African Violets? Love those! I’m all about the flowering plant!
    babbling Sandy

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