Happy Valentine’s Day

I think the puppy on the card looks like Sis. Someone opened the Hershey Kisses while I was at work. Part of the Toblerone disappeared too. I cooked beef stir fry with lots of snow pea pods for DH. The poundcake has to wait til I get more eggs. Sis is a lot livelier today after being spayed on Monday. She and Honey had to be carried in to the vet’s office. They weigh just over 40 pounds each. Honey rode in my lap on the way, and Sis lay on my feet. I did not get cold.


Monkey redux, Violet’s Pink Ribbon. It fits a lot better with the 2.75mm needle, but the joins are slowing me down. There is a debate on one of my lists over Crystal Palace circ joins that I am staying out of, but these joins make it hard to get the last couple of stitches on the needle!


5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I’ve been in two yarn shops that had Crystal Palace DPNs marked WAY down and I asked (after giving them a hard look) if it was because of the joins and they said yes. I thought about buying them anyway because they were so cheap, but decided against it. I LOVE my knitpicks size 1 circs – for $5.99 you can’t beat the price.

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