A Swatch for Ariann

Well, it sounded poetic to me. I got to the point on my Knitting Pure and Simple neckdown shaped cardigan where I divided for the sleeves. This is Highland Silk DK from Elann, Twilight Blue..Raglan2

Then I set it aside and started on the aforementioned swatch. The backdrop here is navy floral rayon fabric that I bought last year to make a sleeveless dress to go with other yarn. Then I got this TLC Cotton Twist yarn in Periwinkle to make something else. Then yesterday I got the notion that I wanted to make the dress and make Ariann to wear over it for my Alabama Library Association conference presentations in April. (Mobile–Heidi’s Yarn Haus) Maybe even wear it to ALA in DC in June. Anyone have an idea for a poster session? .
I sewed the back seam, and serged the edges. Then I read the pattern guidesheet, which didn’t say to sew the back seam. Oh well, says I, and continued, and sewed the inside facings, which ended up being  the armhole and front and back facings. Then I pinned the side seams, then unpinned them. THEN I was supposed to pull the backs through the fronts to get everything right side out. After about five times of going around in a circle, always ending up with the facings outside, it ocurred to me why I was not supposed to sew that back seam. I had read the wrong view on the guidesheet. Anyway, after taking out the back seam and the serged edge, the facings are where they are supposed to be. I have the back, side seams and hem left. I gotta get it done while the serger is set up. Can’t touch the tension settings.

Then I remembered it was supposed to storm and I had better go blog so I can uplug the modem.


3 thoughts on “A Swatch for Ariann

  1. First, did you change the colors on the blog or is my new browser just loading stuff weird?
    Next, you are suddenly in a very blue phase! Several lovely Ariann’s in blogland – I can see the appeal. And last, *that’s* why I almost never sew anymore…

  2. You are a bad influence on me. 🙂 I’ve purchased the Ariann pattern and an entire kit for the #241 pattern. It arrived today. The yarn is Rowan Tweed in a delicious red. Can’t wait to get started!!

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