A Little Sleevage

Well, the dress progressed a little more than the sleeve of Ariann, because I frogged it to go back and add the pattern stitches on the sides, as I was getting a funky looking sleeve without them. I haven’t been sleeping well due to taking prednisone for fluid in my middle ear. So last night when I got home from work at 11:30 pm, I put a  roast and some potatoes in the Crock-pot (for lunch) and sat down to frog and redo a little on my sleeve. At 1 am I went to bed. Don’t worry, I have to go to work at 3:30 pm today. Anyway, a little sleevage on the dress fabric. I am making the 3/4 sleeve version, and I am using my Knitpicks Options size 7 needle here in Magic Loop. Periwinkle TLC Cotton Plus yarn.

The major work left on the dress is the hem. It also needs a button and other hand-sewing. The Japanase magnolia, from which it is hanging, is beginning to bud out.


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