Knee Socks

Well, I had the heel done on my first knee sock. Size 3 needles, Fearless Fibers merino, pattern here. Then I went to try it on, and noticed that the heel was on the opposite side from the shaping, or back! I have started this sock over at least three times before I got it… Continue reading Knee Socks

Redbud Sock

The second TOFUtsies sock got to go to UAB waiting rooms yesterday, so today it wanted to get outside and see spring flowers, as its mate did last week. It coordinates well with the redbuds. I had a dead camera battery in my knitting bag camera, so I had to go get another one. Clickable… Continue reading Redbud Sock

Wisteria Sock

Alabama’s roads, between here and Birmingham, are resplendent with redbuds and dazzling with dogwoods. I could not come up with alliterative words for forsythia and cherry and wisteria, both purple and white. The dogwoods really stand out on wooded hillsides. Bear with me, the sock is here somewhere. My day was interesting. I spent two… Continue reading Wisteria Sock

Spring is Sprung

Time for another floral post. First, the sky with peach blossoms. My Saturday sky pic is from Sunday. The peaches are now in full bloom, as are the Japanese Magnolias Walking around the yard, I spotted violets in the grass. The forsythia is blooming above the violets. The plum trees and dogwoods are starting to… Continue reading Spring is Sprung

Yarn Shopping

I went to four yarn shops-one in St. Simons and three in Savannah. The first was the Stitchery of St. Simons. I got some Colinette Jitterbug there, and wandered around and petted great yarn. This is Tuscany in Colinette Jitterbug. I picked it to wear with khaki pants. I went to Wild Fibre on the… Continue reading Yarn Shopping