How’s the Weather?

After reading Carrie’s post from Thursday, I was inspired to take these photos. The Japanese Magnolia is covered with buds. More later. Click images for larger. I have not been knitting, I have been outside. We did not get much bad weather here yesterday, but I got to go home early from work.

The apple tree is attracting busy bees. Can you see the pollen sacs on the hind legs?

Oh yes, I almost forgot the pineapple shot:

Last but not least, here is Honey-Bunny. Yes, she can look sweet. DH put a head (and tail) lock on a pup while I removed the stitches from their spaying



3 thoughts on “How’s the Weather?

  1. I went outside yesterday before the storm that never happened and tried to get a pic of a Japanese maple against the gray sky. The pink positively glowed. If it had come out, it would’ve been gorgeous. You’ll have to take my word for it. :o)

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