Finished Socks, Started Socks

First, I finished the Monkey Socks from Knitty Winter 2006, in Violet’s Pink Ribbon Sock! from Lisa Souza.

Next, I started a Tidal Wave Sock, after getting the pattern from SWTC in a newsletter, for the TOFUTsies yarn. This colorway is "One Foot in Front of the Other." I am on the heel flap because I decided to make a short sock.

For some reason, I have been seized with the notion to make knee-high socks, toe up, despite my, umm, muscular calves. I tacked the Turkish cast on for the first time, and I think I like it  This yarn is merino sock yarn in Wisteria from Fearless Fibers on Etsy. There is still a long way to go.



8 thoughts on “Finished Socks, Started Socks

  1. I just got some Tofutsies yarn. I think it must be the same color that you have but I can’t find a color number on the band. But since we like the same colors – buying the same wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
    Great Monkey socks!!!
    You’re on your own with the knee socks. 😉

  2. The monkey socks are great!
    Great pattern for the Tofutsies. I went to the website to get it. I’ve been struggling with this yarn. I think I have the same color as you do.
    Love the color for the knee socks! Congratulations on the Turkish cast-on.

  3. I love the Tofutsies yarn! So pretty! My toe-up socks are back in time out. How many times must one rip before one gets it right? So far…two. :o) I hope you have better luck!

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