Oh So Pretty!

The skein of yarn I ordered from Stacey, Urban GypZ on Etsy, for another pair of knee socks, is 560 yds. The color is Oh, So Blue. Should be plenty, Elizabeth! I have knit so many short socks, I want to try longer ones. I can wear them with denim skirts-is this a stereotypical librarian look? I don’t have a bun in my hair, LOL.

The other yarn I got yesterday, from the Destash Blog, was Debbie Bliss Cathay. I think I have stashed more than destashed from that blog. The African violet is not that blue, the yarn looks OK, though.


6 thoughts on “Oh So Pretty!

  1. You SHOULD wear a bun in your hair, held up with lacquered chopsticks that you can then pull out when your husband walks in and toss your head, letting your hair fall around your shoulders!!! He’d be helpless! Hee!

  2. Dear Enabler….uhmmmm, I mean Paula. There is a nasty rumor in blogland that your blog posts are causing other bloggers to go out and buy more yarn…..I would just like to say….why thank you very much!!! LOL!! The Urban GypZ yarn is pretty and I see some coming my way in the near future AND seeing the great socks I know you will knit!

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