Savannah, with Sock

One of the routes from Brunswick to Savannah is U.S. 17, the Coastal Highway. We crossed over the Sidney Lanier Bridge as we headed for Darien. DH had photography duties on the bridge.

The azaleas were in bloom everywhere in South GA, but just a bit past their peak. A lot of Colonial history took place in this area. We stopped at the Midway Museum on the way and went in the Midway Church. The pulpit view is shot from the 2nd floor Slave Gallery


.We stayed at the Inn at Ellis Square in the Historic District in Savannah. It is between the City Market and River Street. Parking is a major issue in Savannah, but the parking meters take VISA and Mastercard. We also walked a lot in Savannah, to Forsythe Park to see the fountain;

to try several times to have tea at the Gryphon Tea Room, housed in the bottom of this building. It was always closed, oh well. It is run by the Savannah College of Art and Design, aka SCAD. We did manage to get in The Tea Room before closing, where I bought a Tea Shop mystery by Laura Childs, Dragonwell Dead, some Oglethorpe teabags in Peach and Raspberry, and some Savannah Breakfast tea.

We also shopped in City Market and on River Street, where we found pralines and divinity and lots of other things. A loaded container vessel went by on our last day, coming from the nearby Georgia Ports Authority terminal. I had an internship at the port while I was attending Georgia Southern University down the road a piece..

The clouds went away after we ate lunch at the famous Johnny Harris restaurant, (located near the Red Needle yarn shop.) I had to come back and edit to add that I forgot to mention my dessert. We had barbecue, of course, and I had crab stew. We had a leisurely lunch, as we decided not to drive out to Tybee, as it was raining. DH had egg custard pie. I had Chocolate Chambord Trifle, which would have been perfect in half the size it was. It had chocolate cake soaked in raspberry liquer, chocolate pudding, chocolate ganache, raspberry sauce, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. We had perused the menu beforehand. After lunch, since the sun did come out, and stay out, we drove out to Tybee Island to see Tybee Light. There is a lot more development out there than when I last visited.


At the end of River Street is found the statue of the Waving Girl, Florence Martus. The legend goes that she waved at ships for over 40 years, hoping to see her lost love, a sailor.

Wait, what is that in her dog’s mouth? This was DH’s idea, isn’t he clever? Once again we amused another tourist.



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