Artwork and Socks

DH and I often visit art galleries when we travel. There are a lot in Savannah and we saw a lot of art that we liked. One of the places we went was Gallery 209 on River Street in Savannah. We both spotted pieces from potter Bryan Attaway. Then we had to think about them for a couple days before getting them.  DH said my pick was elegant, while his was "religious art." The One Commandment.  Anyway, here they are. Click for larger.

The last time we were in Savannah, I got a dichroic glass pendant from Davenport Designs on Bull Street. We went back to check the shop out again. While I was shopping, the owner was telling DH about her hectic day. She also told him about Paula Deen getting four parking tickets on the previous day, while sitting on the hood of her Mercedes chatting with passersby.  Paula calls Waynette the Dog Woman.  We still haven’t eaten at the Lady & Sons. I found a necklace and earrings. I got compliments when wearing them. I did not even ask what they were-maybe glass. Click for larger.


Speaking of jewelery, I keep forgetting to mention that I won a contest on Aija’s blog while I was away! I won a gift certificate to LingGlass on Etsy, which I have already spent on a red and silver dichoic glass pendant and a black cord necklace. I  made a pretty lame addition to the poem at Choka On It.  I still don’t think I want to tackle her Space Invaders socks on Knitty.

Somehow, I managed to not get a lot of knitting done on my vacation. Seems as if I was either walking or eating.  I frogged my knee sock attempt another time, after working on it in Jekyll, and took a stab at another pattern. I think I finally have it. I just had to have increases for my large calves. I am taking meticulous notes so I can make another sock the same way.  I do like this yarn and I think the sock fits this time. This is Wisteria colorway.

I managed to finish the legs and heels of two second socks, the Pretty Petals (a Jeanie Townsend design from the Yahoo group) in Sundara’s Lenten Rose colorway on the left and the TOFUtsies Tidal Wave sock. Click to enlarge.


5 thoughts on “Artwork and Socks

  1. That Gallery 209 looks interesting. I have just joined the Charleston Artist Guild and am really concentrating on fine art photography this year.

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