Wisteria Sock

Alabama’s roads, between here and Birmingham, are resplendent with redbuds and dazzling with dogwoods. I could not come up with alliterative words for forsythia and cherry and wisteria, both purple and white. The dogwoods really stand out on wooded hillsides. Bear with me, the sock is here somewhere.

My day was interesting. I spent two hours at work, then I went to the doctor’s office and picked up several years worth of mammogram films, then I headed for UAB, formally known as the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the Kirklin Clinic, after ending up on the wrong side of B’ham at the Birmingham Public Library-where better to get info, right? I found out there is a big difference between 6th Ave South and 6th Ave North. I drove around the clinic parking deck for a few minutes, parked and walked into the building. I walked right through Kirklin Clinic and had to be directed back. I made it to MRI dept at 12:15, an hour before my appointment. I got the gusset decreases completed on the TOFUTsies sock. After my MRI, including an IV in my hand for contrast dye, I returned to the waiting room and worked on the sock again. I was struggling to get the last stitch over the circ needle’s join, when another woman who had been in the waiting room when I arrived, said, "Circular needles…they are wonderful." I looked up, met her eye, and smiled. Anyway, I had an MRI, an ultrasound and a mammogram. The doctor had a good sense of humor and was entertaining, at least. I got there at 12:15, and got out at 3:15. I had no lunch-bless the volunteer Angel Squad for the cookies and water cooler in the waiting room. There was even a radio tuned to the local public radio station. I could have done without NPR’s Tony Snow cancer news all day, though. Three breast cancer survivors in the waiting area. were discussing how wonderful UAB is. 

I hope I don’t need any treatment, though. I think I am being checked out this thoroughly because both my sisters have had breast cancer. I took a few circuits around several levels of the parking deckupon leaving, then I then had an inadvertent tour of downtown B’ham and UAB, in several circles, before going back to the interstate the way I came in, by the BPL, my landmark. I bought brownies.when I stopped to get some groceries. I have to go back for a needle biospy-doesn’t that sound awful?  I went to get gas, and couldn’t remember which side the tank was on,. leading to circling several pumps. ARRGGH! I am tired.

I still managed to photograph my knee sock in progress for y’all. See the shaping for the calf? The yarn is a little heavier than fingering, so I am using a 3 needle.The colorway is Wisteria. I braved some large bees in that stuff, (I could feel a breeze when they flew by) and wet nasty pups ambushing the back of my legs for these photos.



8 thoughts on “Wisteria Sock

  1. Good for your doctor (and you!) for being so thorough. I sympathize with your scattered state of mind. Who wouldn’t be off-kilter on such a day?

  2. Better a very thorough than slipshod doctor. I hope all turns out well. The wisteria knee-sock looks great! Very nice, narrow striping. It will be cool to see what it does as you narrow for your ankle.

  3. I hope everything’s okay. Next time, if you’ve got time, you should stop by the UAB medical library and say hey to my old boss, who is deputy director there now. He would be totally freaked out! 😉

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