Knee Socks

Well, I had the heel done on my first knee sock. Size 3 needles, Fearless Fibers merino, pattern here. Then I went to try it on, and noticed that the heel was on the opposite side from the shaping, or back! I have started this sock over at least three times before I got it to actually fit my calf. I am just glad my legs are not the way they were when I took gymnastics. I would need more yarn. Anyway, I couldn’t get a really flattering angle by myself. DH was holding and distracting dogs to keep them out of the frame.

DH says he is afraid the pineapple fruit got killed by the cold. I don’t know,

The Meyer Lemon is going to burst into bloom… or the buds are going to fall off. One year, it had 13 lemons. I have been suffering for my art again. I have two fire ant stings and blackberry thorn scratches after the redbud photo session. So these photos are on the patio.

DH says Sis, AKA Peanut, looks almost intelligent when she cocks her head. He also said it was too bad the camera angle wasn’t better.


6 thoughts on “Knee Socks

  1. The knee sock leg fit looks fantastic. Too bad about the first heel on the wrong side. I probably would have done the same thing.
    I like Peanut’s picture! She is looking very smart.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your socks look great! I’m so glad you tackled knee highs because I want to, but I would have gotten frustrated before you!
    Now that you mention it, maybe your dandelion picture DID influence me! :o)

  3. Your kneesock looks great! I’ve had the pattern and the yarn to make these for quite some time. Little Sis DOES look intelligent… can’t believe how big she has gotten 🙂

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