Saturday and Sunday Sky

Here is a Sunday sky photo, just before it rained. This is an interesting photo for DH and me, as AL has been in a  drought, and everything was covered in pollen.

Well, the clouds rolled in before I was able to get a Saturday evening shot. Here is the best I could do. This is from the 12th floor of my library. DH and I went there for a charity event for the American Heart Association, with chocolate desserts and red wine. (Antioxidants, ya know.) A pair of my socks was in the silent auction.

I call this one, "I did not know the shutter would stay open that long." (Or whatever the digital equivalent is.)

My miniature African Violet is blooming, which happens rarely.

I don’t have any knitting photos, because the socks and Ariann all look the same as the last time I showed them. Especially Ariann, because I had to rip out several inches-the decreases looked weird.


4 thoughts on “Saturday and Sunday Sky

  1. Playing with the camera settings, eh? 🙂 Do you get the Photojojo newsletters? You could probably make better use them than I do.

  2. Very nifty, that open-shutter picture! I played with my Elph’s settings in front of the Christmas tree last year and did some really nifty “light art” with the tree lights. Who knew it would be so easy?? (grin)

  3. Lovely African violet. I used to grow them in my graduate school lab and they bloomed profusely. I haven’t had success with them anywhere else.
    Too bad about having to rip some of Ariann. I hate when I have to do that.

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