Yarn and Tomatoes and Violets, Oh My

Look at these sweet lil ol’ tomato sprouts. By August, they will be 8 feet tall and doubling over the heavy wire tomato cages.

My African Violets are still blooming their heads off. I have three plants that have yet to bloom. I had to get off the AV lists, they have as much mail as knitting lists. This is Halo, adopted from the grocery store.

This is your garden-variety purple from a leaf off a co-worker’s AV. Looks like a bouquet. Benign neglect and Optimara Violet Food, people.  The camera told me I couldn’t hand-hold. Believe the AV must have moved. An artistic shot, that’s it. Those are Mardi Gras beads behind it. These are all under my fancy-schmancy plant Ott-Lite

OK, lest you have run off for a blog with actual knitting content, lookie here. This is Silk Stream in Lagoon from Fleece Artist. 50% wool, 30% silk and 20% nylon. It is a little darker in real life. It better be enough, as it is discontinued and was on sale. (That reminds me, DH ordered The Yarn Harlot Casts Off for me. He called it Yarn Harlot’s Cast Offs. The yarn came from Canada, eh? From Red Brid Knits.)  Here is the pattern for it that I got for it from Mary at the Knitting Zone

Anyone have any words of wisdom for a column on blogs for our state library journal? Like a clever opening sentence or two. Hmmm.


4 thoughts on “Yarn and Tomatoes and Violets, Oh My

  1. Your violets look great. Mine still don’t have any signs of actually blooming (since their “surgery” in January), but at least they seem green and healthy, so I can be patient!
    “Ever wonder what people are really reading these days? Welcome to the world of online journals, known as blogs, where people not only write about they books they read, but also about where they went for dinner, their favorite hobbies, politics, art, food, travel. Basically, if you can read about it in a library, you can find real people talking about it in their blogs….”

  2. “Knitters. Librarians. Besides the usual stereotypes, what do the two have in common? Blogs.” Or something like that.
    Your violets are beautiful. The only time I’ve had any luck with them was when I lived in Germany — they sat on a marble window sill, above a steam heat radiator. They seemed to like that a lot!

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