Socks, Plural

I finished the TOFUtsies sock during my stay in Mobile, while watching The Weather Channel. Then, on the car ride home from Mobile, I finished my Sundara Lenten Rose sock in Jeannie Townsend’s Pretty Petals pattern. (You have to join the Yahoo group to get the pattern.)  I might have finished my knee sock in the car on the way down, if not for a migraine. Or maybe not.
Tiptoe through the petunias with TOFUtsieees… Close up below.


I thought the Lenten Rose socks looked kinda Zen in this setting with birdhouse.Sundara_2

Most of the trees have leafed out. It is very green in Alabama, with clear blue skies. I can tell you this as I have literally been from one end of AL to the other this week, including the Hank Williams Lost Highway section of I-65.


13 thoughts on “Socks, Plural

  1. Everything is gorgeous! I should try the Pretty Petals pattern.
    I’m envious of your leaves. It was a little too warm sitting in the bright sun today.

  2. Great socks and wonderful knitting. What an unusual color on the Lenten Rose. I might have to splurge on some. Love Jeannie Townsend’s patterns. I am test knitting one for her now that is gorgeous and reminds me of your fifth photo. BTW which section of I-65 is the Lost Highway??

  3. that purple is so rich and it! i love both pattern stitches, but my fav. pattern out of these two is stitched into the lenton socks 🙂

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