Happy Earth Day! Today is my third Blogiversary.  I considered this the third one, because it is the day I started my first real blog on Blog-City.  However, I started on Typepad during April, so close enough, right? To celebrate, I would like to have a contest. (Will I get more than 2 entries this time?) First prize will be 100 grams of sock yarn (to be determined tomorrow.) I woke up with an awful headache, think it was one of my tension/migraine/sinus, so I am not capable of making decisions right now about which sock yarn. Since this is anniversary three, I will draw three names at random on Friday. Contest closes at 5 pm Central Time Friday, April 27. .Second and third prizes will be books, in the order shown here.  To enter, please leave a comment on my blog.
After I finished the socks in the last post, I cast on for Socktopia anklets pattern Fanny in Marks and Katten clown cotton blend.  I have finished one, and cast on for the second.
Knit Scarves: 16 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm
Candi Jensen

Knit Hats: 15 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm
Gwen Steege


25 thoughts on “Blogiversary?

  1. Happy Blog anniversary!
    I tried to join socktopia, but I never got my invite or the newsletter :(. Oh, well – I think I’m busy enough with the 52 pair plunge!

  2. im my opinion, your blog is one of the best knitting blogs that i have seen, and i am always online. happy blogiversary (cute word by the way) and see you soon!

  3. happy blogiversary,
    sorry about the migraine, i get them too. mostly after or before it’s going to rain or snow, tho fog is the worst of all. shame, cause i really like fog…

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