I Have a New Project

What? I am still thinking about Ariann, Fanny and the other two socks. I have learned something new today. Isn’t that good to keep your brain from stagnating? Anyway, where was I? I learned to knit backwards, which I kept reading was a nice skill to have for entrelac. I can’t seem to master the knit 2 together backward, though. The Boku is interesting, though this yarn and colorway reminds me of my father’s Navy blankets from WWII.  Kinda smells wooly, too. I am using Alison’s pattern. I plan to use odds and ends of SWS, Karaoke, another Boku, amd my Nashua stripey yarn before I get into Noro.

Also, my Bob Serbin AV is starting to bloom for the first time. This one was a bonus leaf that came with a leaf or plant I bough on eBay. The other three are still blooming their heads off.


7 thoughts on “I Have a New Project

  1. Your AV is beautiful. I love them. I used to try to grow them but I could never get them to bloom. 😦 .. also, your project looks great!

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love the colors of the scarf, which I might have to try. I kind of miss knitting LE, entralac was kind of fun. And yes, I have one of those green wool blankets you mentioned. AV is beautiful. I have 6 of them and they were all blooming during the fall into winter. Hoping that they are getting ready again.

  3. Such a lovely African violet!
    Congratulations on learning to knit backwards! I’m trying to reteach myself to knit forwards holding the yarn differently. It’s a long road.

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