Not Much Knitting

Not too much going on here in the way of knitting. I got my March issue
of Information Technology and Libraries  in the mail today.

March 2007, page 23.. "Checking Out the Impact of a Digital Trend on Academic Libraries. " By Laurie Charnigo and Paula Barnett-Ellis.


5 thoughts on “Not Much Knitting

  1. We don’t actually get that one. 😦 Otherwise, I’d have staged the same photo for my blog – hey, I ‘know’ her! Congrats on the article!

  2. Congratulations! I’ll be eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail so I can have the thrill of saying that I “know” the author… and, uh, that Dell in the background also looks very familiar.

  3. Rats–We don’t get that one at my library, either.
    Hey–I think someone (with more technical knowledge than I have) should start a knitting librarians web ring! There are enough of us to take over the world, I’m sure!

  4. Duh! I just saw the link to the “Librarians who Knit” ring on your blog. I’m not so quick, huh? I guess I should have a black mark next to my name…

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