Sky and Scarf

I have gotten a little more done on the entrelac scarf. I think the tiers I ripped out were OK, sigh…

The sky was mostly cloudy all day, which was OK with me, as there is no air conditioning in a 12-story library. They turned it off yesterday to take a part out to fix over the weekend. I have to work tomorrow, too. I have a fan, but it wasn’t too bad. Summer has not hit yet.  Here is the sky with baby Cherokee Purple and Brandyboy tomato seedlings. More sprout pics below. Brandyboy on the left.



8 thoughts on “Sky and Scarf

  1. We bought tomato, bell pepper and basil plants yesterday and are planting them in pots too. Last year, we planted them in the ground but they never fruited – missing some nutrient. Great foliage, but we really wanted some tomatoes! The scarf is looking great!

  2. Your tomatoes look very healthy. Yum! Homegrown tomatoes.
    Love the scarf! It is really gorgeous. Sorry you had to rip out good rows.

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