Almost Knee Socks

I have been taking an entrelac break, and decided to work on my knee socks. Remember the one, finished, one? I ripped out the foot and heel so I could make the heel out of Wildfoote and stretch the varigated yarn. So I am now past the heel and gussets on one sock. I still have a small amount left. Hope to make it to the toel. Anyone have a little smidgen of Fearless Fibers Wisteria you can spare? Sorry about the shadow, it is from the window of the library.


The Bob Serbin African Violet has even more blossoms. A closer look


8 thoughts on “Almost Knee Socks

  1. Hi there …
    I came across this post while surfing blogs and it so happens that I have a mini-skein of Wisteria sock yarn left over from something or other in my own personal stash. Pop me an e-mail with shipping details and I’m more than happy to send it off to you.
    Glad you’re enjoying the yarn!
    – Deb

  2. The socks ARE gorgeous–but so is that violet! I’m starting to really miss my violets’ flowers . . . I wonder how long before they bloom again? At least the cuttings are still, you know, alive . . . that’s something!

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