Squares and Strolling

I have finished my first square for Laura’s drive for Greensburg, KS. The itty bitty triangle on top of it is the second one with leftover sock yarn

There are still a few blossoms around. I had to show off my very first pedicure before I chip it or something.

Every year, I always want to take pictures of the Queen’s Anne’s Lace, so I had to get out there fast before it was mowed or sprayed.



It looks as if this will be a good year for blackberries, despite being so dry.


The magnolias are blooming in our yard.

I thought the lichen all over this branch looked neat.

The honeysuckle is blooming all over, and smells so sweet, which can set off my allergies.

I have been suffering for my art again, something worse than cold, wet puppy noses on the backs of my legs when I try to take photos. The seeds from these wheat-like weeds got stuck  in my socks and hurt when I walked. Weeds


5 thoughts on “Squares and Strolling

  1. Does the magnolia just smell heavenly? I’ve never smelled it in person but mom and I used to share a perfume that was supposed to smell like it. It always made me think of nutmeg.

  2. Do you ever cut a magnolia bloom and bring it inside? I love the way they smell. Your pics are great!
    P.S. I too have a teensy little toe toenail! I pretty much have to paint one on whenever I paint my toenails!

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