Miscellaneous Stuff

I come up with some original titles, right? Anyway, I got me some custom made blockers for all the knee socks I plan to knit, don’t ya know. Becky made them for me. Flowers and pups and tea, oh my. I think Leggy Creations was on hiatus, but you can look at the Gallery. These are special, they have two sides! the backs are mosaics.  I am a Gemini, after all.


There IS even knitting going on. Square 2 for Laura and Rebuilding Greensburg Block by Block. This is more sock yarn from my leftovers.

And here are the cold-nosed monsters who kept putting their muzzles under my skirt and flinging it up into the air. Don’t they look innocent?


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Hi Paula,
    I’m glad you like the blockers. Can’t wait to see those knee socks on them!
    I did take a short hiatus but I’m back at “work” now and hope to have more blockers to show in the next week or so. (just in case you want more…tehe)
    Those turned out to be some mighty tall blockers! I think that’s the tallest pair I’ve made so far! Enjoy. Thanks for posting about them : )

  2. Now you need to re-do the kneehigh FO pictures. Let’s see those in action!
    The dog I had growing up used to look under skirts all the time. He was incorrigible.

  3. i cannot imagine that such fine looking dogs could possibly fling your skirt up! pet them for me. they look quite innocent in that photo, btw.

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