Tag, You’re It!

Well, I thought I was going to escape the Seven Things Meme, then Darlene tagged me. (Then she tagged most of the bloggers I "know.")

Seven Things About Me
(or as DH would say, "How exciting.")

1. I have a lot of sock yarn, especially since discovering indie producers of handpainted yarn.

2. I love Coca-Cola Classic, hate Diet Coke with a passion, and I am still upset with the "Co-Cola" Company for expecting me to think that Coke Zero tastes like Coke. Bleh! ( I miss C2)

3. I still think that I am too young to have all this gray hair.

4. I don’t like straight knitting needles, especially the dreaded DPNs

5. I have to brush my teeth before breakfast, or I will gag

6. I do not drink coffee, but I like coffee ice cream and Coffee Nips candy.

7.  I carry my own tea bags on vacation.

So I had to wrack my poor brain to come up with 7 more people. Consider yourself tagged. Please let us know 7 things about you.

Tricia (She is in the group of real, live,  knitters I meet with in Rome, GA
Katie (Who makes me feel guilty about Weight Watchers, but I am being really bad)
Scarlet (y’all need to visit her, she is feeling lonely in the blogosphere.)
Carrie, (My first Secret Pal gift-ee)
Patti (Who I ask about pineapples.)
Deb (An SP gift-or)
Bekka (Should have interesting things to say)

OK y’all, sorry if you have already been tagged, or if do you don’t wanna play.

I am not in Eye Candy Friday, but I will post these just the same. Patti, DH says the pineapple fruit got killed in a cold snap.



2 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It!

  1. Make Scarlet turn off her “no anonymous comments” so that non-blogger-bloggers can leave notes and I bet she won’t feel so lonely.
    What kind of tea bags are so good that you take them on vacation?

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