Ranting Again

Maybe I am cranky from all those feet (yes, feet) of entrelac scarf. Here is what I was thinking Monday afternoon on my way to work. "Hey XM, got a satellite out or sumpthin’?" I dunno, just irks me to be subscribing and paying for "NO SIGNAL" I felt justified when DH sent me an article Tuesday morning about an XM satellite outage. If I wanted to listen to fuzzy radio, I could listen to one of my six NPR presets from three states.

On my way home at 11 p.m., I had to listen to my new CD from John Mellencamp (let me show my age here- I remember Johnny Cougar and John Cougar Mellencamp, too.)

Anyway, I think the entrelac scarf is close to being finished. It is very soft and the short stripes look neat. Here it is lounging by the pool



8 thoughts on “Ranting Again

  1. They should pro-rate what you pay based on their down time vs working ratio. I remember thinking that about cable. (I’ve got rabbit ears now.)

  2. Your scarf looks great! I really like how it’s coming out.
    We have Sirius radio and so far so good. There are only a couple of spots where it consistently cuts out, but that is more interference from a building than from anything else.

  3. Didya know that JCM is from Seymour, Indiana, just a hop, skip and a jump away from where I grew up? Yup! I love him, too. I was supposed to go see him on my 20th b’day but my date canceled due to a snow storm. Wimp. I never went out with him again!

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