Red Plum Shrug

Well, I have not finished my Bamboo Rib sock that is close to the toe because I started a Plum Shrug from the Garter Belt in red Debbie Bliss Cathay that used to be CeCe. CeCe is now three center pull balls of Cathay. See, I tried to take the neckband off to see if I could shorten it as the neck was WAY too big, and catastrophe struck. Sigh. I am using a panel of Little Arrowhead Lace down the center of the sleeve instead of an allover pattern. I saw a photo somewhere in blogland and I liked the lace that way. We won’t discuss my lace issues. This shrug took about 4-5 attempts to get started because of lace errors. So I am sticking to the panel.  Click for larger view. Anyway, I love top down raglan patterns.


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