Yo, Ho and Other Stuff

Well, my sock is closer to the toe, and the shrug hasn’t grown much. I got two new circular needles from Knit Picks, so I could cast on the Panda Cotton sock. That is the one on which I want to try out my 2.75mm needle. I got another in 2.25mm size, both 32″, the longest they make. I got a nice canned response when I wrote to KP to suggest they make a 40″ small circ.

Anyway, I keep forgetting to say that DH and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. I think this was a long excuse to watch Johnny Depp prancing around onscreen. We couldn’t figure out what was going on several times during the movie. Oh well, like the other two, which at least sorta had a story line that could be followed, this was just pure entertainment. Did I mention Johnny Depp? Arrrgh!

It is really smoky here, again. The TV and radio keep saying the smoke is from South GA/North FL fires. I am rather glad I don’t live in Waycross, GA where my previous job was. I remember fires in the Okefenokee-nowhere near this bad-when I would see ashes fall out of the sky, and on my way back from the Jacksonville airport on US 1, I once saw helicopters carrying water to the fire.

In putting together the local Master Gardener newsletter, I came across an Extension article on how the snakes are coming out to find water in the drought. Monday, I was in the garden inspecting an ailing tomato plant and I kept hearing dogs barking with a different, higher, note in their voices. DH and the dogs were all standing around one spot in the pasture. When I asked him what was wrong, he said it was a snake.

I heard them barking like that twice more that day. One time was accompanied by “whump” sounds close to the house. I went to the door and said I took it there was a snake. DH was on the patio by the back door, pounding a medium sized snake with a broom, and said he thought it was poisonous. (The others are left alone to eat rats, etc. ) The young pups were quite upset, circling around the snake, while giving it a wide berth, and sniffing the area long after it was gone. Peanut jumped when I touched her back, and put the front half of her body and forelegs in my lap. Honey leaned against my leg. I heard more barking after dark, and DH said he went out with the flashlight, and every time he shone the light on the garden hose, the puppies shied sideways away from it. They may be nervous for a while as the drought continues.


4 thoughts on “Yo, Ho and Other Stuff

  1. One of these days, I want to go through the Master Gardener program. They’re not really tailored for working stiffs like me. Thanks for the link to the article – I’ll pass it along!

  2. oh, but to watch Johnny Depp prance about…. so you’re a master gardener? i know a few of them. always wanted to go through the program, but seems like it met during the day around lunch time. not so sure i can get the time away from the library. that’s interesting about the snakes. what kind of poisonous? good thing you have dogs to keep you aware of what’s going on.

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