Too much knitting

Well, I was going to take photos of my stash enhancement yesterday, but I remembered it was for a surprise. So you will just have to wait. I knit too much yesterday, and my hand and lower arm on the right are sore, so I am trying to take a break today., so I can teach the entrelac class on Saturday. I have a photo of yarn from Webs, $3.99 Cathay. Speaking of Cathay, I got to the armhole divide of my Plum Shrug. Photos later. I did a couple tiers on my long-neglected entrelac scarf.


Also, I finished the ribbing on the second Bamboo Rib sock at the doctor’s office. He informs me I have arthritis in my right hand, and varicose veins. At least it is not heart failure making my ankles swell. After reading Crazy Aunt Purl’s May 31 post, that was a relief. BTW, the headaches I have been having for a month were from a sinus infection, no aneurysm. 1000 mg Amoxicillin, 3 times a day.

I just upgraded (flashed) the BIOS on the notebook, after several tries, finally convincing Windows Vista that I WAS SO the administrator. It was a much scarier process on my 286.


4 thoughts on “Too much knitting

  1. How did you manage to convince Vista you were the boss? It tries to tell me I’m not authorized on some stuff and I’m really frustrated. 😦

  2. Oh yes, my mouse came to a screeching halt when I saw the Noro! I behaved and downloaded the new 6 Sox pattern and then skulked to my stash and pulled out some Lorna’s Laces that I bought from that site last year.
    Love your new Cathay!

  3. oh i love cathay. and i wish i’d gotten mine at that $3.99 steal. i have a big ol stash of it that i planned to make one of the DB sweaters, but now i’m not so sure.
    sinus infection? yuck. at least it’s curable. hope you can manage the arthritis and varicose veins though.

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