Red Raglan

I did not have a chance to get a photo of the Saturday sky, but it pretty much looked like today’s sky. Still no rain., except for a couple of sprinkles.

The red Plum Shrug is coming along, despite my taking time out to work on entrelac projects. I had three students for my entrelac class yesterday at the Taming of the Ewe. I was so accustomed to doing the pattern I used for class, that I tended to ignore it and go on. Students pointed out where they didn’t understand the pattern, so I had to show them. I eventually stopped working on the sample piece, and went back to my languishing wool scarf, so at least I got a little done on it while helping to show students what I was doing.

I am now just past the armhole divide in the raglan Plum Shrug. This pattern is from The Garter Belt. I am using a lace panel on the sleeve instead of allover lace.

DH and I had some frozen French fries today. They were a store brand, and were not all uniform in size and shape. See, a little baby whole potato. (edited after people asked me if it was a hush puppy.)


6 thoughts on “Red Raglan

  1. That’s really weird. My husband is forbidden from buying french fries again – after he bought like 50 lbs. from Sam’s! They lasted over a year! I think we still have some in the freezer and with an 11 year old boy in the house, that’s saying something.

  2. Your Plum Shrug looks beautiful. I love that color. I noticed the designer has a cardigan called “Jillian,” but I was sad when it was a little girl’s pattern πŸ™‚

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