Actual Knitting Content

I have finished my Bamboo Rib socks from an Inknitiative pattern. This is Regia Bamboo Yarn. Photo looks a little fuzzy, but I like the ziggy-zaggy colors. Now I have to restrain myself from starting my next socks before Summer of Socks begins June 21.

Don’t worry, I have more projects to occupy me. The surprise entrelac blankie, since Mom may not have time to read my blog. Also I showed it to her. This is Kertzer Kool Kotton, 50/50 acrylic and machine washable. Snug as a Bug pattern. I got a Kertzer pattern, but my brain couldn’t handle entrelac the reverse of how I learned it. Isn’t it CUTE? It is curled up on a circular needle right now.

And there has been progress on the shrug.


5 thoughts on “Actual Knitting Content

  1. I truly LOVE the entrelac blanket – my goal is to learn how to do that and I am just way too timid. Was it hard to catch on? I’m so impressed – your color choices are excellent!

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