Travels from Mississippi

My colleague Laurie Charnigo and I went to Starkville for the Mississippi Library 2.0 Summit at Mississippi State University on June 15. It stormed and rained yesterday. We were there for a poster presentation on Facebook, an online social network. We were in sessions all day long yesterday. Today, we had a leisurely drive back. With only one detour through a new previously unseen part of Starkville, and one wrong turn in Columbus. We ate breakfast at the hotel, then went to the bookstore. It was in a neat depot buidling. We had to wait for it to open, so we walked around.

We got on the road after visiting the bookstore, and did not get very far. Columbus, MS is 22 miles or so. We made it to Yarns Downtown. It is a very nice store, with lots of Rowan, Crystal Palace, Artyarns, and many more yarns I have not seen and touched.. Look at all the baskets.



The chesse straws came from a cute gift shop named Occasions, where the cups came from. The yarn on the left is Strapaz Cotton Effekt for socks, and on the right is Taos from Crystal Palace. Laurie got me the sock yarn for my birthday.  We made it to Tuscaloosa, AL (Roll Tide!) for lunch 1.5 hours from Columbus. We ate at McAlister’s Deli, nothing exciting. I did not press my luck by suggesting we go to the LYS in T’town.


5 thoughts on “Travels from Mississippi

  1. Roll Tide! Actually, this was my first look at what goes on in a knitter’s world. I had never been to a knitting store before. I was fascinated with knitting lingo. For instance, I have never heard someone say “that’s a yarn I’ve never seen in person” before.

  2. You know, I have been to almost every yarn shop in Alabama, and Yarns Downtown in Columbus MS is my favorite! Too bad I’ve only gotten there once, but I bought some of the *prettiest* Colinette when I did.
    BTW, I just found you on the Alabama Knitbloggers list!

  3. First, I think it’s funny that two librarians go to a book store while out of town! Second, I love Laurie’s comment! So true. We’re a strange bunch. Lastly, I have to say Go Tigers on my husband’s behalf (I don’t really care, myself, but football is good knitting time!)

  4. the yarnstore looked great. but how did your poster presentation go? i’d love to read your results. our library doesn’t have myspace or facebook representation, and we’re looking into partnering with ATS (academic technology support; they teach faculty to use/implement technology in the classroom, like blackboard/D2L, etc.) on a Second Life presence. you know much about that? oh, so will your poster presentation be part of an online proceedings document? or, you could give me the gist of whether your library found it a useful enterprise.

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