Summer of Socks

I felt better today than I have in the past several days. Maybe it was because the humidity was much lower, making the 90 degree day more bearable. But ya know what I think? I think it was because I started a new sock. I had been waiting for the start of the Summer of Socks, and I think I had sock knitting withdrawal. Lookie, Beth, I am using the Lime and Strawberries Panda Cotton. The pattern is Carolina, from Socktopia. I love it, well maybe not so much the knit 3 together, but it is easily memorized. I don’t have enough done to show the pattern.

I also got a late birthday present to myself from eBay. This is a teabag wallet. I always carry teabags with me when I travel, being a tea snob, don’t ya know. It’s so cute I searched for teabag wallet. This is something I could sew for myself, but it was a treat to get it.  Those are my favorites, Tazo Awake and Stash Irish Breakfast–real tea..

This is the first post in a couple of weeks from my Dell desktop. I had to reassemble the computer. There is something plugged in every USB port and every outlet on my UPS. We got new carpet, and everything from furniture to my knitting books has been moved and shifted.


9 thoughts on “Summer of Socks

  1. Thanks for posting the link to the Carolina pattern, I hadn’t seen it. I like the panda cotton.
    Great idea on the tea bag wallet. Those are also my 2 favorite teas! You are exactly right in that they are real teas.

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