Saturday Sewing

I sewed another sockie bag today, right before DH and I left for the theater to see the new Harry Potter movie. DH got a new electric chainsaw at Sears in the mall, too. I was so careful to get the kitty cats right side up with the zipper. Then I got the handle on the wrong end.. Oh well. This is a box bag from Simplicity 9949, and I think next time I will make a little bit larger bag. I got 9 purse  zippers from  When we got home, the CueCat scanner from Library Thing was here. It doesn’t read like the Symbol scanners I’m used to in the library. DH has been on a quest to find and add books no one else has. There are a lot of Star Trek fans on LT, apparently. One book on Ancient Rome he got today was not found on Amazon or Library of Congress.


We got home around sunset


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