First Summer of Socks Socks Finished

I have finally finished my first Summer of Socks socks. There have been many, um, distractions along the way, such as entrelac, sweaters and other sock yarn. 2.75mm SHARP pointed Knit Picks circs, Panda Cotton in Strawberries and Limes, Carolina Last Queen of Naples pattern.

Today’s sky is over a soybean field, the first year this field has not been in cotton.

On my way to my office to work on an article (so far I have blogged and Ravelry-ed) I was stopped by a flock of Canada Geese crossing the road in front of the Piedmont, AL, high school. Man, I almost left the camera out after taking the Saturday Sky shot. Edited to add: OMG! I stopped this morning to see what was in the road. It was a  HUGE zucchini! I picked it up and moved it to the side of the road, lest it hurt somebody’s car or something. Nice representation on Laurie’s blog. Where did it come from?


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